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By way of proving my continued existence

Not posted in ages, and this is not really going to count as one. But thought I would just say hello and that I do intend to post at some point in the future.

I'm sure you all know by way of other social networking sites but I am deep in the buying of a new house and so mostly have had nothing coherent or interesting to say. Which is taking up all my time and is something I am too close too at the moment to thoughtfully comment on.
But I do want to talk of my last work trip to Australia and the joys of septic tank paperwork and show you some pictures of penguins and deer.

Oooo, the excitement.
Went to Eastercon 2010. In a hotel by Heathrow Airport.
Sufficiently close in fact that I could hear planes while lying in bed. not that they were particularly loud but they may have contributed to my batsarse sleeping patterns over the weekend.

Anywho, the con.
It was the second I have attended at Heathrow and was just as much fun as the one two years ago. But in different ways.
Previously I had attended with a largish group of people I knew and we spent a lot of the time sitting in the bar, playing games and talking toot. With occasional forays to the odd programme item.

This time, being mostly on my own (Sha stayed home to be girly and various others seem to be going off the con idea), I went to a lot more things. Panels on steampunk, twitter, how to survive meeting a lion in Birmingham amongst many. Ceilidhs (the band made up dances at a furious rate), Steampunk Discos (I still struggle to work out how music can be "Steampunk" but the costumes were fine), Pyrotechnics Displays, Anti-Journalist Rants (Ben Goldacre) and Comedy Songs (Mitch Benn) were much enjoyed.

Particular highlights included the Whisky Tasting panel, in which Iain Banks and friends discussed the finer points of whisky and I got drunk and twittered near pointless comments, and the Social Media discussion, in which I realised my Twitter client could not follow hash tags and so missed half of it.
Not entirely sure what Twitter brings to the party of cons, but I had a go anyway and it is a useful memory aide once the hangover clears.

This does not mean I did not spend plenty of time talking toot in bars. I tried my hardest on this. If I have any complaint it is that the hotel had no central area for gathering and sitting. I could either prowl the corridors and stairs, checking through the numerous places people could be hiding, or I could lean on a bridge bright enough to make you think you had ascended just by the bar and hope people walked past you. I settled for a random combination of the two and pretty much got away with it. I am not sure you could ever find a hotel that could give you that central space anyway.

Once again a great, fun weekend and I know intend to put some effort in getting Sha to come along to Birmingham next year.

Chester, Conservation, Communing

I have not posted here in ages. What with getting our house on the market and stuff we have been living a very austere, quiet life of late and so I have not had much to talk about.
However last weekend a very pleasant change of pace, so here you go.

Orangs at ChesterCollapse )

Happy New Year

And a Guid New Year to you all.
Back in work after the festive period (which I mostly worked through, not that it was busy). I hope you all had a good one.
Got some nice DVDs I look forward to watching, including Taking Over The Asylum and Tutti Frutti. And ate far too much.

Also watched quite a bit of TV. May contain spoilersCollapse )
Also for Chrimbo I got an new electronic ignition for the Wee B. Which, much to my pleasant surprise, I fitted over the weekend. Not that the car goes or anything I hasten to add. But the ignition turns over, which is as much as I would expect from the car previously in weather this cold. So I will be waiting a bit for the thaw before trying again to decide whither I have an electrical fault or just a bloody cold engine.

On the domestic front we will be starting serious house tidying this month in preparation for putting Sha Towers on the market. And hence looking for somewhere new. So if you spot any nice detached houses that are commutable to Glasgow, let me know.

See you in the next post in God knows how many months time.

Just to use the icon.

I really don't post here very often any more do I? All my half arsed thoughts fit nicely into the world of Twitbook much more than the sort of long winded waffle that you would expect here. What with its chance for proper sentences and punctuation and all that jazz.
So apologies for my general silence and I will try to write more here in the New Year. Not least because I want to get more practise at the skill of putting one word after another.

Anyhoo, as I sit here, bleary eyed and far too early on Christmas Morning I thought I would wish you all Seasons Greetings. Whoever be your guide and however you choose to celebrate that, have a good one. And don't drink too much. That is my job.


As Munchkins go this one is second rate.

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And as the Lilliputians landed at the dockside they looked about them. They marvelled at the industry, the giants running back and forth intent on trade. And then they saw Munchkin stood to one side looking beardy and asked each other, "Who is that hairy runt?"

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